Individual struggle defines you and I while our humanity binds us together. Art is an expression of this shared experience; a reflection of our humanity. We see it in our country’s natural beauty, hear it in our languages, feel it in our cultures and taste it in our food. We want to bring all Kenyans together through our art and create a story of peace that holds profound meaning for everyone in the world.

#ArtForPeace is therefore a national wide campaign about appreciating our diversity, celebrating our artistic and cultural heritage, and uniting our people in a noble cause geared towards spreading peace. It is a cause for every Kenyan who loves art or peace.

Can you create a song, painting, design, novel, sculpture or any other work of art that contains a clear message of peace? If you are not artistic, would you make a pledge to stand by peace in Kenya? Join #ArtForPeace and share your peace message with the whole world. You even stand a chance to win a cash prize for your participation!

For any questions, comments, complains and suggestions contact us at info@artforpeace.co.ke